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Can My Carpets Survive a Fire?

Published by Allegra on August 26, 2021 in category: Fire Damage Repair

carpets in living roomThere is no limit to the extent of damage a fire can cause. Amidst other contents of your home, carpets are at risk. Carpets are often an expensive purchase, so you’d rightfully want to know that can carpets survive a fire. Simply put, there is no one right or wrong answer, as different carpets will react to fire differently.

Carpets and Flammability

Carpets have varying levels of flammability. While some will not be able to survive a fire, others will. Modern carpets are designed to resist ignition. Even if they are set ablaze, they will resist further burning, and the part that caught fire will extinguish on its own.

If the region where you live is prone to fire or you’re a regular smoker, you might want to invest in a relatively fire resistant carpet. The good news is that in the United States, all carpet is treated and tested to be fire resistant, as per Consumer Products Safety Standards guidelines. But this just means carpet won’t be flammable in ordinary conditions. It might still burn or melt if exposed to flames.

Which Material is Best for Carpets?

When deciding the interior of your home, safety should be a primary concern, even ahead of aesthetics. There are certain materials of carpets that are less prone to ignition. So if you’re wondering “can carpets survive fires?”, there might indeed be some that hold their own. Here are the options you can consider buying.


Adding a wool rug to your non-fireproofed carpet will help increase its lifespan in the event of a fire. As a material, wool is naturally fire resistant, saving you the hassle and money in case the rug or carpet catches fire. In such a case, wool is able to self-extinguish and will burn very slowly in case fire persists. It is also relatively resistant to water and stains, which will come in handy as water damage is common after a fire. This is where you should opt for home restoration after water damage.


Nylon is the second best choice if you want to save your carpets from fire. As a material, nylon has a higher melting point, so it burns very slowly in case the fire lingers. This makes it more fire-resistant in comparison to other synthetic materials that are used to make carpets. Since smoke damage is also a possibility, nylon is relatively abrasion resistant too.

How to Increase Fire Safety?

To increase fire safety, you should ensure all appliances are turned off when you leave the house. Moreover, cut any stray branches or leaves that may catch fire. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the home as fire can occur even if unprecedented. Another tip is to never leave candles unattended, as they are a common cause of fire in homes.

Water Damage and Mold Growth

Even if you have carpets that are fire resistant, here is what you need to do in the event of a fire. The first step should be to call home restoration experts. The problem is, many people think they can manage the aftermath themselves.

However, fire can lead to smoke damage and water damage. Often, water seeps into crevices and leads to mold, which will then require mold removal services. Mold can eat away your carpet. So even if your carpet survives ignition, it may not be able to withstand the detrimental effect of mold growth.

Since carpets take longer to dry, moisture could linger, becoming the perfect breeding ground for different types of mold. This is why it is important that home restoration experts ensure thorough disaster restoration that you may overlook.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is another side effect that people tend to ignore. Smoke can cause permanent stains, rendering your carpet unusable. To avoid this and increase your carpet’s longevity, it is important to get home restoration after a fire.

You can avail professional fire and smoke damage restoration, which will ensure all aspects are taken care of. Smoke fumes can nestle into your carpet, leading to multiple health hazards for inhabitants. Moreover, smoke stains can be hard to get rid of and need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Before help arrives, you can use this solution to remove soot stains from your carpet. Use a household absorbent and sprinkle it on the soot. This will soak up the stain without damaging the fiber. Use a vacuum to remove the cakelike substance that may have formed. Lastly, use a clean white cloth with a dry cleaning solution to gently remove lingering soot stains. Blot, and don’t rub, the product. Rubbing may just spread the stain further.

911 Restoration of San Francisco

If you encounter a fire, waste no time in calling 911 Restoration of San Francisco. They provide an all-in-one home restoration service.  Fire damage doesn’t happen alone, it also risks water, mold and smoke damage to your property and belongings like carpets. This is why home restoration after a fire is crucial.

If you want to restore your property to its previous condition, get in touch today. They will ensure a complete disaster restoration process, taking care of any water damage, mold and odor removal, and soot and puffback cleanup.

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