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Water Damage Alameda

Water Damage Alameda Box Truck Restoration Solving the challenges of a water heater malfunction, or any other category of loss is difficult and technical work and that is why it requires the expertise and skill of professionals like 911 Restoration Missoula owner Erez Gilad, and his water damage Alameda team.

When it comes to eliminating the effects of a water heater malfunction, toilet overflow or flooding, Erez and his water damage Alameda team know that the best way to keep the damage to a minimum is to get straight on top of the project and begin fixing things immediately!

“My water damage Alameda crew and I can arrive within 45 minutes of a call, and we can start to work as soon as we enter the door,” Erez says. “This gives us the ability to vastly reduce the amount of damage that can result from a water heater malfunction, toilet overflow or any other source of water damage.”

Beyond his ability to get to the job quickly, Erez and his water damage Alameda crew can also take on projects anytime they arise.

“We are completely mobilized to eliminate water damage, or any other restoration concern at all hours of the day and night,” Erez says. “We are available 24/7/365 so that no matter when or where a water heater fails, we can be there to save the day.”

Don’t let a water heater failure situation cause ceiling leak issues in your home. Contact Erez and the water damage Alameda team with 911 Restoration Missoula today and get all the restoration services your property needs.

Prevention of Water Damage Amounts to Simple Maintenance

Solving the challenges presented by any water damage scenario is what Erez and his water damage Alameda team do every day, but they are also quite capable of helping people to evade such situations in the first place through simple maintenance too.

Water Damage Restoration Drywall Damage“When the weather starts to get crazy, we get a lot of calls from people who just want to know what they can do to make sure their home is safe and protected,” Erez says. “And this is why we set down and developed a lengthy list of ways that people can keep their property in tip-top condition no matter what kind of weather is going on around them.”

  • Take a moment now and again to inspect the trees that line your property. If there are any dead limbs that overhang your roof, these should be cut down to prevent them from falling onto your building and damaging its ability to protect it from water damage.
  • Inspect your water-based appliances now and again to see if there are any nicks, cuts or abrasions on the hoses, fittings and connectors. Spotting and replacing a hose now is vastly cheaper and easier than replacing a whole laundry room or kitchen later.
  • Direct the flow of water that pours out of your downspouts away from your home or business to avoid liquefaction setting in on your foundation. This form of water damage can be truly stressful for both the home and the homeowner.
  • Make sure that the sump pumps in your home are in perfect working condition every year so that if there is a severe storm that they can handle the influx of water. If they aren’t strong enough for a flood, or if they are old and about to break, then you run the risk of water damage in your home.

“This list comprises the top reasons for water damage, and the maintenance fixes for them too,” Erez says. “But there are a variety of ways that people can protect their home, and if homeowners should have a question that isn’t addressed here, they should contact us to find out more.”

If your home is already a river of category two flooding, then contact Erez and the water damage Alameda crew with 911 Restoration San Francisco today for help!

Cracks in the Ceiling Caused By Upstairs Leaking

Water Damage Restoration and RemediationErez and the water damage Alameda team have been providing solutions to the challenges of water damage events for their entire careers and this is why they knew just how to help a homeowner through a recent ceiling leak claim.

“When we got the call, the homeowner explained how there were two cracks in the drywall of the ceiling,”
Erez says. “And they also said that when they went to touch it that it opened further and dripped with water.”

Erez and his water damage Alameda crew knew immediately that this was being caused by a leak in the condo unit in the floor above them, and so the first step was to see if they had any issues too.

“We talked to the upstairs unit owner and immediately they knew what we were there for,” Erez says. “They took us over to the bathroom and showed us a hole in the back wall of the shower stall. We knew instantly that this was the cause of the ceiling leak below.”

After finding the source of the trouble, Erez and the water damage Alameda team patched up the hole in the shower, and then went to work solving the challenges of the unit downstairs.

“When all was said and done we had this figured out in a jiffy and then solved just as fast,” Erez says. “We even helped the homeowner downstairs out with all of the paperwork for the insurance company too.”

Don’t let an upstairs unit shower issue ruin your ceiling. Contact Erez and the water damage Alameda team with 911 Restoration San Francisco for all the restoration services that your home requires today!

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